Who I am

My name is Daniel. Though I hold a Bachelor’s in Finance, my investment journey began far outside the world of finance. Shortly after I finished my undergraduate degree, I immediately went to get a Master’s in Technology Entrepreneurship at UCL (University College London, UK). While still a student, I founded a technology startup and went from an accelerator to raising two investment rounds. After a few years, I decided to quit (running a startup was not something that really suited me), but I stayed in the tech space for another ten years and worked in various roles and places.

In 2017, I had a small family business on the side: a bracelets brand. That is when I first came across Shopify (NYSE: SHOP) and, essentially, started my investing journey. At that moment, Shopify was just making their first steps as a public company, and very few investors even heard about them. Starting to use them for my business, I quickly spot the potential of their product along with the business model to see them become the absolute leader in the e-commerce industry in the next couple of years. I decided to become their shareholder, and boy, oh boy, it paid me well since then (Shopify became my first ten-bagger in 2020).

I have got a few more multibaggers throughout these years: Etsy, TradeDesk, Square, Teladoc, Match Group, Roku, to name a few. All these companies share certain characteristics that I started to identify along the way. It helped me begin forming an investing framework that I am using now to research companies on the stock market that are in the early stage of their development and possess the potential to 10x in the next 5+ years.

In May 2021, I decided to begin another journey – to become a public person and share my experience and knowledge with others. That is how 10BaggerDan was born.

Investing Framework & Scoring System

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